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Addiction Facts

If you are here because you or a loved one is battling with addiction, you are not alone.

Substance Abuse Disorder affects every community, and does not discriminate on age, gender, wealth, or educational ability.  It can devastate families and communities through the damage caused by an addicts' behavior, and even death.

The national and state statistics are scary. Too many each year are battling with this addiction.

There is hope!


No matter how long the battle has been, or the type of substance abused, there is hope.

Options for recovery include the following:

Detox Units

Rehabilitation Programs

Residential Programs (such as those we offer)

Professional therapy

Recovery Coaching or Peer Counseling

Community based support such as Celebrate Recovery, or AA/NA

A Case Manager or Recovery Coach can help you ascertain which options may be right for you.

There is hope!

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