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Who Am I?

Put simply, we believe that every person on earth is someone with incredible value.  Why? Because they were created by God.  A God who loves people so much that He chose to enter the world to redeem humanity by dying on a cross as a sacrifice for sin.  This act of love won a victory for humanity.  We believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; providing redemption, freedom, to all who believe in Him.

We are a Christian ministry that holds to the value of each person - regardless of background, regardless of felonies, and regardless of addiction.  This means that in our programs you can expect to be:

  • valued

  • treated with respect

  • loved

As a Christian ministry we will equip women with materials to understand who God says they are; how precious, how loved.  It is our hope that while a woman is in our program that they encounter this truth in a profound and life-changing way.  We do not however force anyone to agree with our beliefs.  Our residential program is open to any woman who is ready for a journey of recovery - regardless of personal faith backgrounds.

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