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Hope for Families

Loving someone who is struggling with addiction is hard.  Our staff know this, several from personal experience.   Usually the focus is on getting them help.  But what about you?

Just as it is important for someone to get help and support with their addiction, it is important that you get support as you find healing.  No doubt your heart has been broken, you are fed up with half truths and inconsistencies, and your relationship is damaged.  You are sick and tired of addiction taking over the person you knew.

Often it is believed that as long as the addict gets treatment, normal family life can resume.  In our experience, this is not the case.  Where treatment is successful and someone remains in recovery - damage is still done.  Forgiveness, healing, and new ways of communication often need to be developed, and trust needs to be rebuilt.  When treatment is unsuccessful or someone reverts back to active addiction - the damage continues to be done. Coping skills, learning where to draw the line, and how to stay healthy yourself are all things that can be learned.

It is important to get support for you.   This is why we have put together some resources to help.  Click the Family Support Options on right to open up our brochure of terminology, recovery tools, and family support options.

At the Rose Garden we are all about recovery and community.  Let us help you find your support.

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