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Please partner with us to reunite families and show women the path to recovery.

PayPal or credit card fees included.

One time donation through PayPal, NO FEES!

Credit Card donations - no PayPal Account needed


We are a not for profit ministry, who needs your help.  You can donate online to help break the bondage of addiction. If you wish to give monthly, please contact your bank to set up automatic transactions or click on the button above for monthly giving. Transactions through Paypal include a fee.

We also have gift registries that  provide details of practical items you can pick up or order.


We look for passionate volunteers who are willing to give their time to help women in recovery.

Serve as:

a driver


skills based group-leader

or bring your family or small-group to serve with yardwork, painting, and other practical helps.


Let's make Fridays a day to pray for Freedom.  Pray for our staff and residents every week as we work together to help people walk free of addiction. 

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